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If going shopping is not your thing or if you have little time to do it, take the opportunity to buy makeup online on the Allkauf website and receive your order every few days. We have a wide variety of articles of the best quality. Visit our online catalog and choose the ones you prefer.

On the other hand, you can buy quality makeup in any of our stores or through our online service, for the lips (lipstick or lipstick, liner and gloss), for the eyes (concealer, eyeliner, mascara and shadows) and for the nail. In any case, you will always be up to the task, at the office, on a date, an informal outing, a gala event, etc.

Clarins Brow Duo. Este producto 2 en 1 esculpe, aporta densidad y fija las cejas. Primero, un polvo-gel esculpe y redensifica visiblemente la ceja. Su textura en polvo se transforma en un gel tan ligero como el agua. A continuación, la máscara de larga duración fija e intensifica el tono de las cejas definidas a la perfección.
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