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Anne Möller Clean Up Toning Smoothing Lotion

Anne Möller
15.21 22.04
Toning smoothing lotion for the face. It completes make-up removal and helps to reactivate the production of young cells thanks to its regenerative action and optimizes the effectiveness of other treatments. It favors the uniformity and luminosity of the face, becoming an effective anti-aging preparer.
Cleansing Milks

Anne Möller Face and Eye Make-up Remover Milk

Anne Möller
15.21 22.04
Make-up remover milk for face and eyes. Removes makeup and impurities in depth, and enhances the natural defense system for greater resistance to external aggressions. It allows you to remove make-up from face and eyes in a single gesture, respecting the balance of both the horny layer and the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.
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